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Hollister Motorcycle Rally

Hollister, CA
Not Happening in 2019

Hollister Rally Info

Yes, the Hollister Biker Rally will not happen again in 2019. So why do we keep it on the LightningCustoms.com's 2019 Major Biker Rallies List? We keep it on because people continue to ask if it will happen and also because of it has a lot of significance in the biker world.

In 1947, there was the "incident" in Hollister. What happened was there were a number of bikers in the city and some got a little out of control. The famous photograph of a guy on a motorcycle with a bunch of beer bottles on the ground was actually a photo set up the day after the "incident."

The picture, as well as a way overdramatized version of the events, was published in newspapers and magazines. This was obviously before we had all of the access to news that we do today. Yes, there were TVs back then, but not as many as TVs there are today and definitely not the amount of news stories that we get today. Subsequently, this story was accepted as the truth of what happened in Hollister.

The historic value of the Hollister Rally to the motorcycle world is that this overinflated version of events gave birth to the American "biker." It also inspired the movie "The Wild Ones" with Marlon Brando.

So what have been the problems with throwing the Hollister Biker Rally over the year? There have been a number of problems: red tape, the City of Hollister apparently not wanting it, disagreements over what the City should pay and what promoters should pay for (including extra police), how much all involved get disagreements, a lot of challenges for promoters including on-again off-again makes it tough for the promoters to get things going, and the list goes on.

It sucks and we hope that someone or some promoter can get it going again.

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